Soft Elastic Black Wax

FEATURES: Wax with an innovative formula, allowing for quick and delicate hair removal. The wax is enriched with charcoal obtained from coconut shells, which in addition to giving the product its characteristic black colour, also adds purifying and astringent properties.

HOW TO USE: Warm the wax in a suitable container. Spread an adequate amount of wax to form a film on the area for hair removal in the direction of the hair’s growth. Allow sufficient time then remove the wax tearing in the opposite direction of the hair growth. After hair removal apply specific post-treatment products through a gentle massage.



INGREDIENTS: Colophonium, Hydrogenated microcrystalline wax, Synthetic beeswax, Paraffi n, Ethylene/va copolymer, Glycine soja oil, Carbon black.

  • 1000 gr – cod. 8050040401352
  • 250 gr – cod. 8050040401369
  • 400 ml – cod. 8050040401345